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Official Ambassador of Healthy Campaign SG

The Planner Affairs (TPA) is the only Ambassador for the "Healthy Campaign Singapore". We have been working hand in hand with various F&B companies on their journey to be Healthier Choice Certified by assisting, guiding and executing their research & development to their B2B marketing and publicity of these Healthier Choice Certified products.

Planned Company Growth

In scenarios where companies are experiencing roadblocks and or are seeking guidance in future expansions or even assistance with grants, business connectivity and recommendations in areas of expansions and growth, The Planner Affairs (TPA) becomes your one-stop source for all the company growth needs.


Expand your business & brand today with us as we walk the path of growth hand in hand with you to ease the burden and stress that comes with planning business expansions.

Holistic Planning, Detailed Events Execution

All planning & execution conducted here at The Planner Affairs (TPA) is done expertly and in close connectivity with you. We take the time to understand what your needs and end goal for you and your company & brand is before embarking on the journey.


Be it a physical or virtual event, government-supported grant or a spontaneous networking event, expect to be met with professionals with a holistic planning & execution approach that is solution and goal-driven with contingencies for your assurance.

Grant Specialist

The team here at The Planner Affairs (TPA) are not only specialists in the field of project planning, execution and operations but also government grants.


Through our efforts working with the Health Promotion Board (HPB), we have successfully converted multiple industry leaders within the F&B industry as the Official Ambassador of the Healthy Campaign Singapore through the HPB supported grant - from the beginning of the project with the application of the grant to the paperwork, research & development and even financial audits.

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